Home Screen

Home Screen

Home Screen

Battery Indicator: 

This displays the current charge of the built in battery.

Fully green bar: the battery is at full charge

Partially Green Bar: the battery is discharging

Red Bar: The battery is low, charge soon

Blue bar: The battery is charging

View Sweep Data:

Select here to view previously recorded sweeps

Add Sweep Data:

Select here to record new sweeps


This is an options and information screen






Add Sweep Screen

Exit Button:

Return to the Home Screen

Left and Right Buttons:

Index the Sweep number up or down by one

Sweep Name

Tapping this will reveal a keyboard allowing a user generated 5 character file name. The indexable number and .csv are automatically added. 

Start Sweep

Tap this button to tell the broom to start looking for a sweep. The broom will start recording only when you start sweeping

Stop Sweep

While sweeping, this screen is kept intentionally empty to eliminate any distraction to performance. Tap the Stop Sweep button at the end of your sweep. Ending a sweep will display the Sweep complete / Summary screen 



Add Sweep Screen

Add Sweep Screen

Stop Sweep Screen

Stop Sweep Screen

Review Sweeping Data Screen

Review Sweeping Data Screen

View Sweep Data Screen

Exit Button:

Return to the Home Screen

Left and Right Buttons

Scroll through previously saved sweep data

Plot / Summary Buttons

Select these buttons to plot the various performance indicators across the duration of the sweep. Plotting Force will show the "Push" and "Pull" forces. All screens will show the maximum, minimum and average values as well as the total length of the sweep in seconds. To escape these screens, simply tap anywhere on the display.

ENG Screen

SPI Button

The Sweeping Performance Index can be weighted to allow the sweeper to focus the force or frequency aspects of their technique. For example, setting the slider more toward frequency will cause this factor to be weighted heavier in the SPI calculation. This means to achieve the same SPI as with an even weighting, the sweeper will have to apply a higher force to compensate the offset. Our recommendation is to leave this value set to an even weighting in most cases.

USB Button

Connecting the device to a computer via the supplied USB cable and selecting this button will cause the device to connect to your computer. Once connected, the device will appear as a removable disk drive called "PT-2 SMARTBROOM". From here you will be able to transfer any sweeping data to your computer for use with the spreadsheet software of your choice. Please note that in some cases it can take a few minutes for the device to fully connect to the computer, when properly connected the screen will display "USB YES". Exiting the ENG Screen will cause the device to disconnect.

Wipe Button

This will permanently remove ALL sweeping data from the broom. This action requires double confirmation and will take a couple of minutes to complete.

Battery Button

For diagnostic purposes, this will show the current state of the battery

Sensors Button

For diagnostic purposes, this will show the current state of the device sensors



The Externals

USB / Charging Port

This is a standard USB port used to charge the device and transfer saved sweeping data to a computer. The device can be charged via the included wall charger or from a USB port on your computer. Please note that the sensor package must be attached for the battery to charge.

Sensor Connector

The cable from the broom head with the sensor package will plug into the port. When connecting the broom head sensor package, please ensure the cable does not interfere with the motion of the broom or become stressed while the broom is in use. 

To power off the SmartBroom, un-plug the sensor-connector.

Sleep Button

Older SmartBrooms have a red sleep/wake button in the rear of the display housing. New models no longer include this switch. While in sleep mode the SmartBroom will continue to draw power. Un-plug the sensor connector to fully power off the device.




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