Made in Canada

The SmartBroom is designed, engineered, built and tested in Canada - the world capital of curling.  It is already being used by the best teams in the world, and now it's available to you. 

Technology of this calibre has never before been available to anyone but those at the very highest level, and with highest levels of funding.  With the SmartBroom, everything has changed.  Finally, your team, club, camp, or institution can train at the same levels as the elite.


The SmartBroom uses force sensors mounted in the head of the broom to record your downward force over the sweep.  The data is presented as a 'push' force (blue line) and a 'pull' force (red line).

Applying more downward force, and having as tight a gap between push and pull as possible result in more thermal energy being generated at the ice, for more effective sweeping.



The SmartBroom also monitors your frequency, or stroke rate, in strokes/second.   The more often the brush-head passes in the path of the stone, the more the ice will be heated, having a greater effect on the path of the stone.  Sweepers can see their frequency over time, with the instant graph display.

SmartBroom users can now clearly see whether the sweeper increases their frequency at the end of a shot, or if fatigue causes them to taper off.


The SmartBroom combines all the sweeping variables (push-force, pull-force, frequency) into one patent-pending result, the SPI (Sweeping Performance Index). The SPI is the international standard for sweeping performance, and the only way to truly gauge sweeping effectiveness.

The SPI give you a single point of comparison over one sweep, between multiple sweeps, or between multiple people.  As you vary your force or frequency, you can see the impact they have on your overall effectiveness. The SPI is an incredibly powerful tool for concepts that have, in the past, been difficult to visualize, and it's only available on the SmartBroom.

There is no maximum SPI, only better sweepers, so sweepers are always encouraged to outperform themselves and each other.  For the first time, two sweepers can be compared in their overall effectiveness.

On the Broom

SmartBroom on-broom

The SmartBroom's patent-pending approach of displaying directly on its broom-mounted touch display will save you time and frustration. 

Data review is instantaneous, allowing the sweeper to see their performance immediately.  No laptop, no smartphone, no wires, no fuss. 

Turn the SmartBroom on, and it's ready to go. 


It's The Software

The SmartBroom uses advanced software to make your life easier - we do the analysis so you don't have to. The raw data from the sensors is processed and analysed by killer algorithms so the user is shown information that is actually useful. We don't believe you should need an engineering degree to become a better sweeper; that's why we've created the SmartBroom to be a consumer product, not just an "engineering tool". It took over a year of software development, but the results speak for themselves. The simple and intuitive user interface and advanced data processing make the SmartBroom the only instrumented curling broom in the world that can be picked up and used by real people.

All Day Power

Save Your Sweeps

The SmartBroom uses a high-capacity rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that charges over a standard USB cable, and an included wall-charger.  Start the day with a full charge, and the SmartBroom will keep going long after your sweepers no longer can.

The SmartBroom can store your sweeps in its internal storage, allowing for quick review of your training session.

If you want to analyse your data on your PC, or store the data in your own database, the SmartBroom mounts as a standard USB drive through the built in port.  Simply plug it in, and copy your files. 

Designed For You

The SmartBroom has been designed around the user.  Its small unobtrusive form factor, simple user-interface, and fully integrated touch-display allow the SmartBroom to seamlessly integrate itself into your training regimen.


The SmartBroom is an invaluable tool that captures critical data, and aids in your success.  With a SmartBroom, you're not leaving your performance up to chance, but taking it into your own hands.


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